Massage Therapies

Massage and Spa Therapies
“Go on spoil yourself” create that moment in time where you can unwind relax and soothe your tired, stressed body. Be pampered, de-stressed and enriched in the mind body and spirit.

Aromatherapy Massage -Using prescriptive essential oils blended to suit your individual needs and using therapeutic movements to work on the underlying structure increasing Lymphatic and blood Circulation.

Reflexology – Working on the feet using pressure point massage, for a relaxing, destressing treatment to promote homeostasis (balance) of the body

Hot Stone Treatments – a wonderful relaxing treatment for the mind body and soul. Using Hot basalt stones to massage a tired stressed body reviving it to a refreshed state. One swipe of a hot stone is equivalent to 10 strokes of manual massage

Aromastone incorporates the best of two worlds aromatherapy and Hotstone massage. Using individual prescribed oils to encompass the stones to heat, relax, destress the body making you feel revitalised, refreshed and ready to face the world

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