Jessica Geleration Gel Nails

With the latest advances in technology and the JESSICA expertise in natural nail care, GELeration is a new “GEL in a bottle” that does not compromise our philosophy. Introduced as a revolutionary system, it offers clients the most sophisticated gel manicure on the market today!

Created with the natural nail in mind, GELeration Gel Polish protects your nails and treat them as they grow! You can use our Jessica Natural Base Coats under our Gel application colour for any problem nail concerns so you not only have beautiful nails but treating your nails at the same time .

Most importantly both you and your clients will love the 3 weeks of everlasting colour in the Jessica Geleration colour range.

Ess-Kit-with-Colours-APerfect nails for 2-3 weeks with long-lasting high gloss shine.
Durable yet flexible.
Non-chip finish.
No smudging.
Super-fast drying times.
Protects the Natural Nail.
“5 FREE”
Can be used with other Jessica Natural Nail Care Products for complete nail care.
Can be applied over top of a Jessica Nail Base Coat Treatment.

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